Principal Investigator: Victoria Pelak, MD
COMIRB #: 20-0424

This pilots research study aims to explore the use of a non-invasive brain stimulation technique, called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), to improve quality of life and symptoms associated with Visual Snow Syndrome (VS).

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact Neurology Research Partners at (303) 724-4644, or email at

Participants are eligible if the following apply:

  • Participants must be between the ages of 19 and 65 with a diagnosis of Visual Snow (VS).
  • Symptoms must be lasting more than one month, resulting in loss of ability to do activities in your daily life, and resistant to medical therapies and/or medications, or patient must be unable to tolerate the side effects of existing medical therapies.
  • Additionally, patients will need to have had a clinical MRI performed.

Participants are ineligible if the following apply:

  • Epilepsy, family history of epilepsy, or personal history of seizures.
  • Any medical condition or medication that may increase the risk of seizure, including tricyclics, antidepressants, and neuroleptics.
  • Pacemaker or other implantable medical device.
  • Metal in the skull, not including the mouth.
  • Unstable cardiac pulmonary (heart disease), or other systemic illness.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Children and adolescents.
  • Bipolar disorder due to the risk of mania.
  • History of depression or suicidality.