Isabelle Buard, PhD 
CU NeuroMag Lab Research Director

Isabelle received her PhD in neurosciences from the Louis Pasteur University, France in 2006 and moved to Colorado shortly after to continue her work on developmental neurophysiology. She then transitioned to studying neural network in humans, first in children with autism and schizophrenia, then in adults with diverse neurological disorders. Among multiple projects she is leading or co-leading within the CU Neuro-Mag labs, she is working towards developing a state of the art music neuro-research program at the University of Colorado Denver.

Archana Shresta, MD 
CU NeuroMag Lab Co-Clinical Director

Dr. Shrestha completed her MD (1994), Residency (1998-1999) and Fellowship (2001) at UC Denver School of Medicine. She specializes in epilepsy, EEG, MEG and women with epilepsy. She sees patients with seizures and interprets EEGs, MEG’s, evoked potentials, video-EEG monitoring and cortical mapping. She manages seizure patients with anti-convulsant medications, and also evaluates patients with refractory epilepsy for surgical options and treatments. She has special interest in MEG studies for epilepsy surgery evaluation and seeing women with epilepsy especially in regards to pregnancy counseling and prenatal epilepsy care.

Aaron Geller, MD 
CU NeuroMag Lab Co-Clinical MEG Director

Dr. Aaron Geller received his MD from the Institute of Technology (Technion, Israel 2011), and completed residency at NY University School of Medicine (2016) as well as fellowships in Clinical Neurophysiology (2017) and Epilepsy (2018). His research interests include software techniques for identification and localization of epileptogenic tissue, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), and the neurophysiology of human memory.

Eugene Kronberg, PhD
CU NeuroMag Lab Physicist

Eugene Kronberg is a highly skilled MEG researcher, data analyst, and neuroscientist with a deep love for critical thinking and philosophy. When he’s not unraveling the mysteries of the human brain, you might find him engaged in animated discussions on the nuances of existentialism or pondering the meaning of life over a cup of coffee. Eugene’s witty sense of humor and philosophical curiosity infuse his research with a unique perspective, making him a dynamic and thought-provoking presence in the field of MEG research.

Peter Teale, MSEE
CU NeuroMag Lab Engineer

Undergraduate education in Physics. Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. I have worked in the MEG lab at the University of Colorado Medical School since 1981. Research interests have been primarily with respect to applying MEG to characterise various forms of mental illness, movement disorders, traumatic brain injury, and epilepsy. Most recently I have been trying to understand the action of interneurons and the steady state evoked fields they modulate/control. Other interests include listening to music, metal working/machining, reading, electronics, wood working, hiking and skiing.

Lucas Lattanzio, BA
CU NeuroMag Lab Manager of Research Operations
TMS Technician

Lucas is early career neuroscience researcher working alongside Dr. Buard in the CU Neuro-Magnetic Labs. He received a BA in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) from Northern Illinois University (2018) with a focus on neuroscience coursework. Within the CU Neuro-Mag Lab, he serves as the Manager of Research Operations. While many of his scientific interests parallel greatly with Dr. Buards’, his personal scientific interests revolve around investigating the use of non-invasive brain stimulation, exploring the relationship between the brain and consciousness, the neurological basis for aspects regarding self-referential processing and sense of self. Aside from this, Lucas has an extensive background in music, ranging from formal classes in choir, music theory, piano, and guitar, to touring in a metal band, to now being an independent artist. Outside of work, you’ll likely find him out in the mountains hiking, camping, or on OHV mountain passes. 

Hamada Alzoubi, PhD, MS

Hamada Received his PhD in neuroscience from Kent State University (2023), master’s degree in Physiology and Neuroscience from Wright State University (2019), and master’s degree in Mental Health from Texas Southern University (2016). Upon completion of his PhD, he moved to Colorado to work on his Post-Doctoral fellowship in neurophysiology with Dr. Buard. His research interest include Neurocognitive, Neuroplasticity and Neurophysiology of Neurological Disorders.

Konstantin Goryachuck 
R.EEG.T / MEG Technologist

Konstantin is a registered EEG technologist who serves as a MEG technologist for clinical and research scans. 

Katheryn Stull 
R.EEG.T / MEG Technologist

Katheryn is a Colorado native with multiple national registrations for Neurodiagnostics and a bachelor’s degree focused on Neuroscience. She enjoys skiing the Rocky’s, traveling with family, and keeping up with the latest tv shows and movies. Her focus in Neurodiagnostics is the better understand epilepsy diagnosis and treatments as well as degenerative diseases. 

Former Lab Heads

Benzi Kluger
Don Rojas
Martin Reite 

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Former Lab Members

– Karrie Hardin
– Alexander Seames 
– Christine Martin
– Megan Dini
– Sarah Rogers
– Rachel McClure

Former Student Interns

– April Fineberg 
– Rawan Jarrar
– Zenetta Zepeda
– Natalie Lopez-Esquibel